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artist collaboration



This song was written and produced by Emma Giammaresi. She wrote it in collaboration with her friend Joe, in the spirit of finding oneself and the fear that comes with committing to a life of radical authenticity.

Emma and Cait Deibel's friendship is based in providing space for each other to explore their talents and perform with creative experimentation, resulting in this dance piece: Cait's physical expression of the music that Emma composed.

J. Garrett Vorreuter shot this piece in Salamanca, New York, with a Fujifilm XT4 camera, with the support of good friend and photographer, Donald Schwartz of Buffalo, NY.

Emma, Cait, and J. Garrett collaborated to produce this work out of their separate and shared passion for creating in the spirit of play, improvisation, and authenticity.

Listen to more of Emma's music on her Soundcloud.

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